For Jason Gazaway, being a loan originator is the perfect job: Every day he gets to solve problems, work with finance and real estate, and see his clients' dreams of owning or refinancing a home come true. By giving it his all and being a calm, confident, personable and competent ally, Jason takes the stress out of buying a home. His customers appreciate that he guides them as much (or as little) as they need.

He says, "I explain the process in layman's terms and inform my clients of each step. I communicate clearly and consistently throughout the process, so clients always know where they stand. My customers are free to call my cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every single borrower matters to me. Through my hard work and personalized attention, I add value to their home-buying journey. Whether they're considering a fixer-upper or getting a Jumbo loan, I give all my clients the same excellent service."

With a background in banking, Jason uses his free time to stay up to date on the latest trends in the stock market and big business. He is an avid basketball fan and self-described "NBA history nerd" who enjoys K-State basketball and football and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs. He likes spending time cooking with his fiancée and is very involved in his church.